Leading-Actor: Newspaperboy DYLAN PAPERMOON

EXTRA!EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!                          "14years-old NEWSPAPERBOY fights against Mafia, FBI and famous bank robbers!"

FEATURE FILM: historical

The story of Dylan Papermoon-the most wanted Newsboy his time  takes place in the mid of the 1920´s in Brooklyn/NYC, London and Berlin.

GENRE:        Drama

A socially critical film about child exploitation, struggle for survival and loss of values but also about friendship, hope and love.


Dedicated to all everyday heroes-big and SMALL.


This story is set in a time of new beginnings, fresh hopes and big dreams but likewise in a world of poverty, random surprises and adventures. Taking place in 1926 in Brooklyn and Berlin, it tells the story of the 14 year-old newspaper boy Dylan Papermoon.

This is the prohibition era of the United States, where everything is controlled by the notorious gangsters of the age. Where immigrants of different nationalities, in their hundreds and thausends, flock to Ellis Island, for a new life in the land "unlimited opportunity".

Dylan Papermoon walks the streets of the Roaring Twenties in Brooklyn,London and Berlin, the era of tailored suits, feather boas, top hats and tails, the upswing of the high society  with its debauched lifestyle, bars and speakeasies.