"In the enigmatic world of cinema cowardice grows proportionally with the amount of money invested."



Primarily we are:

  • the ones who are not cowardly to realize this independent-cinema project.
  • the ones who are searching for just such courageous and strong partners who accompany us on this "film adventure."
  • YES - we are the ones who want make films with entertainment and content.


LION-PROJECT/Culture-FILM-Youth work

Apart from his love of writing ,for years author and filmmaker Rene G Daniel has dedicated himself to culture-film and youth work where he meets many people, especially the young,  from all walks of life in Germany and other European Countries.

He integrates kids and teens in his  literature, radio plays and film projects. In this way, he seeks to foster their talents, show them alternatives, or just "awaken" them to other interests.

The early promotion of kids and young people in the performing arts, such as theater, music, dance, literature and film can trigger positive development.

It is there in the streets where young and undiscovered talents are to be found. Maybe we can make a difference, give them the decisive and positive impetus to their lives...And that´s the goal.

If you like to support us financially, or in kind as an advertising partner, please contact us only via contact form.