There,s NO elevator to success...ONLY STAIRS


I was born 2002 in Germany/Bamberg.

I have two younger brothers and a big-crazy-but-beautiful family.

I started singing, dancing and acting even as a child in early age.

Things I like to do:

riding bicycle, Hoverboard, Skateboard, Music, dancing, singing and modeling.


ACTING is my favorite and greatest love.

2012/13 Speaker/Radioplay:

"The sons of the five rivers".

(by Lion-Project)


2013/14 MEDIA LB ( Medien für Lehrpläne & Bildungsstandards)

An education-fIlm about TOLERANCE.

(by MedienLB / Starnberg)


2014/15 Teaser-Project

"DYLAN PAPERMOON-Small people in the big city" (by Rene G Daniel)


2014/17/2023 Lead-role in feature Film DYLAN PAPERMOON, which is still in production. (by Rene G Daniel and Charles Matthau)

More information about the Cast/Crew coming soon !