RENÉ G DANIEL / Director and Producer

Rene G Daniel is a longstanding member of the Association of German film producers and a accredited film-director and producer of renowned film festivals such as Berlinale Fimfestival, Hofer Film-Tage, Tribeca Filmfestival NYC and Festival de Cannes.

2012/13 he produced  and published the adventure-fantasy Radioplay: "The sons of the five rivers" ( Die Söhne der fünf Flüsse).

2014/15 he produced the movie-teaser of his Novel: Dylan Papermoon.

2016/2017 he started working and filming as director and producer with his friend Charlie Matthau, which became in

2017/2022 executive-producer of  Rene G Daniel,s first feature cinema movie "Dylan Papermoon". Cinema-release of their first movie they currently do together (Dylan Papermoon) will be in 2023 .